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We went grocery shopping today and successfully stayed under the new allotted budget for the second week in a row. I was pretty excited. And we have kind of a trip around the world planned with our meals this week. (With two stops in Thailand. Are you surprised?) We have a new cookbook, given to us as a gift from Matthew’s mom, and it seems to be right up our alley taste-wise. I was really excited to try some of the new recipes, so we’re making two of them this week. And through the power of google, I even found online versions of them, so I can link to them here!

Wednesday: Thai Basil Turkey Meatballs with stir-fried vegetables (This is our second time making these, and we really like them! They are really different and easy and delicious.)

Thursday: Lentil-Edamame Stew (an Ethiopian dish)

Friday: out to dinner with Matthew’s parents

Saturday: I’m cooking for Matthew’s parents! Exciting! Pork tenderloin was on sale this week, so I decided to make a pork tenderloin recipe from our new cookbook that is accompanied by corn salsa and sweet potato wedges. You can find it here. (And since Matthew’s mom reads this blog, I need to give her a little disclaimer: Matthew told me that you guys don’t like spicy food, so don’t worry. We’re planning to tone down the spice.)

Sunday: Greek-Style Chicken Skillet

Monday: Spicy Thai Noodles (This is a new one I found on the internet. Mmm…)

Tuesday: Chicken Korma (an Indian dish, also from our new cookbook)

So there you have it. Thailand, India, Greece, Ethiopia, and Mexico all in one week. Should be fun! :)